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I quit my concurrent position at PwC

I quit my concurrent position at PwC.

In April 2017, I took a position as a professor teaching monetary economics and FinTech in the graduate program for public policy studies at Kyoto University. In July 2017, with the approval of Kyoto University, I began to serve as Special Advisor to PwC Arata LLC concurrently.

For the past two years, I’ve been working with PwC group in Japan and international to discuss FinTech and crypto-assets. I was in charge of lectures and training at various events. I also miss the time when my staff at PwC and I had a heated discussion in a cutting-edge business. Also, I was able to receive interviews from various media at the PwC office in Tokyo, where I commute to work every Monday.

Towards the end of my term, I joined in the activities of the T20, writing policy briefs for the G20, and participating in panel discussions at several international conferences with my colleagues at PwC. My work at PwC over the last two years has been very thrilling and enjoyable.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the people of PwC who have helped me for two years. Thank you very much. Moreover, I look forward to discussing with you someday.

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