Following is a list of essays, commentaries, and columns I wrote in newspapers and magazines. I arranged them into (1) One-shot essays, commentaries, or columns and (2) Serial Essays. All essays are Japanese only.

(1) One-shot essays, commentaries, or columns

(2) Serial Essays

NAZO TO SUIRON (Solving Riddles)

These are essays serialized in Yamaguchi Shinbun Newspaper every Wednesday from September 2010 to July 2011. Total 42 essays. Using this series as main, along with other contents, I published a book “NAZO TO SUIRON (Solving Riddles)” in 2011.

Letters from Hananocho

These are columns serialized in the monthly magazine of Shimonoseki Chamber of Commerce and Industry between October 2010 to May 2011. Total seven columns. I researched the History of Shimonoseki city and explained some stories related to the Hananocho, the traditional name of a place where Bank of Japan Shimonoseki branch stands.

A Central Banker is Working at Hitachi

These are columns serialized in the financial industry magazine ‘Weekly KIN’YU ZAISEI JIJOU (Journal of Financial Affairs)’ in 2012. Total nine columns. When I was seconded from the Bank of Japan to Hitachi Ltd. for two years, I took a close look at the way of doing business in the IT company and reported it to people in the financial industry.

IRC Monthly

Since 2020, I have been regularly contributing to “IRC Monthly,” a monthly publication of the Iyo Bank Regional Economic Research Center, a think tank based in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. My contributions primarily focus on examining the relationship between finance and digitalization.