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These are essays serialized in Yamaguchi Shinbun Newspaper every Wednesday from September 2010 to July 2011. Total 42 essays. Using this series as main, along with other contents, I published a book “NAZO TO SUIRON (Solving Riddles)” in 2011.

In the 35th essay, I explained great achievements of Takahashi Korekiyo as the first general manager of Shimonoseki Branch (Western Branch) of the Bank of Japan. This article on the newspaper triggered a movement to found a memorial of Takahashi Korekiyo in Shimonoseki city.

In the 37th and 38th essays, I introduced a dog whose name was “Love” kept in Mutsure-Jima, a small island near Shimonoseki. After publication of these essays, Love attracted attention among Shimonoseki people. A local television station filmed a TV show to visit the island to meet the dog.

  1. An Occupation of Bank of Japan Branch Manager
  2. The Sky of Yamaguchi is Beautiful
  3. Origin of Benten Bridge
  4. When Feeling Yamaguchi Dialect
  5. A Young Poet Kaneko Misuzu
  6. Visit the Grave of Mr. Sugi Michisuke
  7. Skin of Pufferfish
  8. Riddle of Crescent Moon
  9. Canada Goldenrod
  10. Achievements of Industrial High Schools
  11. Origin of Tatsutaage Dishes
  12. Nihon or Nippon?
  13. Bank of Japan’s Tankan
  14. Indicators of Richness
  15. Corporate Economy and Personal Economy
  16. Distinguished Persons in Culture who Appear in Banknotes in Japan
  17. Origin of the Chinese Character of “Dragon”
  18. Endpoints of Yamaguchi Prefecture
  19. Why Confederate Rose was Cut
  20. Confluences of Yamaguchi Prefecture
  21. Who Killed Maki Kikushiro
  22. Why is the Full Moon in Winter High
  23. Origin of the Pictogram of Electronic Mails
  24. Season to Decorate Ouchi Dolls
  25. Flag in Keio University School Song
  26. Great East Japan Earthquake
  27. Attempted assassination of Li Hongzhang
  28. Origin of the Story “Hoichi the Earless”
  29. Earthquake and Yamaguchi prefecture economy
  30. Footsteps Become Fertilizer of Flowers
  31. How Leaves of Foliage Plants Grow
  32. Lunar Calendar
  33. Lily of the Valley and Sugar
  34. Origin of Lotteries in Japan
  35. Takahashi Korekiyo and Shimonoseki
  36. Why TV’s timepiece disappeared
  37. An island where a dog guides directions
  38. An island where a dog guides directions II
  39. Iwakuni Clan and A Pine Tree
  40. A Mystery of Ganryu-Jima Island
  41. Blood Type Personality Judgment
  42. Farewell to Shimonoseki