T20 Summit 2019 in Tokyo

The Think20 (T20), the research and policy advice network for the G20 countries, held its annual summit on 26-27 May 2019 in Tokyo. The experts from top think tanks in G20 member countries gathered at T20 Summit to unveil their policy recommendations for consideration during the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Osaka on 28-29 June.

I (Naoyuki Iwashita) participated in a panel session of T20 Summit as a keynote speaker (program). My presentation slide is here.

TF2&7 Joint Panel Discussion
“Fintech : Building the Future of Financial Systems / Promoting Digital Financial Literacy for the Digital Age”

Keynote Speaker: Naoyuki Iwashita (Professor, Kyoto University)

Speakers: Jaya Josie (BRICS Research Centre Head)
Bihong Huang (Research Fellow, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI))
Claude Lopez (Director, Milken Institute)
Akshay Mathur (CEO, Gateway House)

Moderator: Peter J. Morgan (Senior Consulting Economist, Vice Chair of Research, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI))

I also wrote T20 policy briefs on Fintch and crypto-asset as follows: