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Watches on both left and right wrists

I have recently started wearing watches on both my left and right wrists. An Apple Watch on my right wrist and a mechanical analog watch on my left wrist.

I used to be a fan of analog watches but switched to an Apple Watch several years ago. I used to wear it on my left hand then, but after the Apple Watch was equipped with an electronic train ticket function, I switched to my right hand because it was inconvenient to use my left hand when going through a ticket gate. Apple Watch has a “left-handed mode” that allows you to flip the screen upside down. In this mode, the crown is positioned outside, and I can wear the watch naturally on the right hand.

The Apple Watch screen is in “modular” mode. The date, time, following schedule on Google schedule, outside temperature, the stock price (Nikkei 225), and a pedometer are displayed on one screen. I also check my e-mail and messages on this screen, which is very convenient. But in terms of a clock, it is too cluttered and unsuitable for a glance to know the time. It is not suitable for glancing at the time, especially when you are giving a lecture and want to know how many minutes are left. To display the screen, which is hidden to save power, you have to lift your arm to look at the clock. Compared to an analog dial, it is not suitable for reading the time-sensitively, and the lack of a seconds display is also inconvenient. Of course, you can choose an analog dial by changing the screen mode of the Apple Watch, but then you lose the multifunctional information.

I had felt somewhat inconvenienced by the Apple Watch. Still, I thought it was inevitable because the modular display of the Apple Watch is convenient for making small payments, taking public transportation, and grasping various information. Then the other day, I suddenly noticed that my left wrist was free. If I wore my analog watch here, I could glance at it and intuitively manage the time for lectures and talks. The reason that analog watches are better for students to bring to exams is that digital watches are not suited for intuitive timekeeping. When classes resumed in the new semester, glancing at the analog clock was effective in adjusting my slightly dulled sense of lecture time.

I felt a little embarrassed because of my different style from others. I wondered if I could do something about it, such as making the watch bands on both arms the same, but for now, I like the style I have now. In the future, when a more multifunctional and convenient wearable device comes out, I would like to try various things with it.